World Water Week in Stockholm (Sept. 1 – 5, 2013)


Organised by: Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) in collaboration with Global Water Partnership (GWP), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and WWF

Theme: In line with the 2013 United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation, the theme for this year’s World Water Week is “Water Cooperation – building partnerships”.

The World Water Week has been one of the largest annual global water events since its start in 1991. In 2012 it attracted over 2,500 persons from 120 countries.

Events include plenaries, workshops, seminars, an exhibition, field visits and side events. In addition, the following award ceremonies will take place: Stockholm Water Prize, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, and the Stockholm Industry Water Award.

Workshop topics:

  • Science and art of water cooperation
  • The human rights-based approach to cooperation
  • Bridging land/water/ecosystem divides
  • Cooperation across and within jurisdictions and levels for good water governance – local to global
  • Linking science, practice and policy under increasing complexity and uncertainty
  • Cooperation for sustainable benefits and financing of water programmes
  • Transboundary water cooperation – external and internal drivers
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation – promoting coherence

(Source: International Water and Sanitation Centre)

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