WHO & UNICEF 2013 Update on WASH Program Progress

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 5.28.48 PM

This 2013 Report update presents country, regional and global estimates for the year 2011. As is to be expected from an annual update, the global estimates have hardly changed. Drinking-water coverage in 2011 remains at 89% – which is 1% above the MDG drinking-water target. In 2011, 768 million people relied on unimproved drinking-water sources. Sanitation coverage in 2011 was 64%. The world remains off track to meet the MDG sanitation target of 75% and if current trends continue, it is set to miss the target by more than half a billion people. By the end of 2011, there were 2.5 billion people who still did not use an improved sanitation facility. The number of people practising open defecation decreased to a little over 1 billion, but this still represents 15% of the global population. (WHO and UNICEF)

Download Full Report: http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/81245/1/9789241505390_eng.pdf

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