Water and Climate Change


Below are some quotes from reknowned international organizations on Water and Climate Change to use as a reference:

There is evidence that the global climate is changing.
Source: World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP)

Water is the primary medium through which climate change impacts the earth’s ecosystem and people.
Climate change is the fundamental driver of change in the world’s water resources and adds additional stress through its effects on other externalities.
Source: WWAP

Collecting water is expected to become increasingly burdensome with global warming. More regions will experience water shortages, as rainfall becomes erratic, glaciers melt and seas rise. People living within 60 miles of a shoreline — a full third of the world’s population — will be hit especially hard, as they are most susceptible to increased salinity of coastal potable water sources.
As it takes more time to gather water and fuel, the available time for education or other economic and political activities decreases. Already, the majority of children worldwide who do not attend school are girls.
Source: UN Women

Water resource management impacts almost all aspects of the economy, in particular, health, food production and security, domestic water supply and sanitation, energy, industry and environmental sustainability.
Source: WWAP

Climate variability, water resource management and economic development are intricately linked. Vulnerability to natural disasters affecting the water supply hampers economic performance and undermines poverty reduction goals and achievement of the MDGs.
Source: WWAP

Climate change is predicted to have a whole range of impacts on water resources. Variation in temperature and rainfall may affect water availability, increase the frequency and severity of floods and droughts, and disrupt ecosystems that maintain water quality.
Source: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


Accessed via http://www.unwater.org/statistics_clim.html

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